Pet food animal feed process and extruder characteristics


Pet food animal feed process:

aquatic feed extruder

Raw material receiving section→mixing section→milling section→second mixing section→expanding and drying section→packing section

DSE series aquatic feed extruder characteristics:

1. Biaxial differential modulator has excellent conditioning and ripening effect. It can add fish oil, lecithin, fish slurry and so on.

2. Aquatic feed extruder can produce all kinds of feedstuffs with floating or submerged water. Feed extruder has the characteristics of stability in water, high meat-to-feed ratio and uniform granules.

3. Feed diameter is 1-12 mm. Feed for scared eel, eel, bullfrog, dog and ornamental fish can be produced.

4. Select imported bearings and spindle box circulating lubrication device to ensure the service life of bearing transmission parts.

5. Screw material: wear-resistant alloy steel or tool steel, longer service life.

6. Barrel bushing: special wear-resistant alloy composite bushing.

The aquatic feed produced by Bright company's aquatic feed production line has the characteristics of puffing, softening and ripening, high protein, complete nutrient composition, long time floating on the water surface, no waste of raw materials, and adding trace elements, which can promote the rapid growth of fish. Aquatic feed extruder is an ideal choice for different manufacturers.

feed extruder

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